Microsoft Researchers Tackle Tunnel Vision, Decrease Nausea

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Microsoft researchers have figured out a way to increase the field-of-view of head-mounted virtual reality devices by 60 degrees – a major increase in the current 110 degree range offered by most headsets that brings virtual experiences much closer to the 180 degree field seen by the human eye naturally.

According to the ArsTechnica article, the researchers were able to provide this major improvement without increasing the processing demands of VR systems, and further, their system causes a reduction in the nausea often associated with HMDs and increases situational awareness.

Their solution was adding 80 LEDs to light up the dark periphery in headsets and an adjustment to help deal with the response of human inertia sensors that tell us when we’re moving.

Their research was published last week in the proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Human Systems.

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