1. xREZ Presence Research at ERVR 2016

    xREZ Art + Science Lab students Max J. Parola and Samuel Johnson, together with professor Ruth West presented their research on presence in virtual environments at The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2016 conference held in San Francisco Feb. 18, 2016. Their paper, “Turning Presence Inside-Out: MetaNarratives” traces operational definitions of presence from a variety of researchers. Presence in virtual environments has been called a “sense of being in an environment” , an “illusion of nonmediation”...
  2. State of the Industry: A New Landscape of Virtual Experiences

    (Images courtesy: Microsoft © 2015, DAQRI LLC © 2015, Atheer Labs © 2015, GearVR © 2015) A new landscape of virtual experiences is emerging as a renaissance in virtual reality technology brings renewed interest, investment, and people interested in making history through stepping into the future of immersive technology. Professional as well as enthusiast development, and the support of consumers interested in owning their own systems are driving a new push for a future where virtual...

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