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RAW is where you can follow the mental ramblings, theory-building activities, and conversations with researchers as they think through their work together. Articles here may contain more questions than answers, but they’ll also be full of raw ideas, a glimpse of how researchers think and talk through their workbefore they have all the answers nailed down.

RaW – A blog about questions, answers, and studies in progress 


  1. Discovering Presence and Cyberpsychology

    Max Parola is a senior psychology major working and studying at xREZ Art + Science Lab. He engages in collaborative research projects, including one with computer science Ph.D. candidate Sam Johnson to study the characteristics of virtual reality systems. News@xREZ caught up with Mr. Parola to talk about his plans for the future and the technology he loves. This Q&A with fellow lab member Amelia Jaycen takes the conversation from neuroscience tech to virtual reality and cyberpsychology,...
  2. The Problem of Presence…

    If you’re following VR, you’re probably hearing a lot about presence. But what is it? The definition is elusive. Presence in virtual environments has been described, measured, and theorized in all kinds of ways. Whether they have dedicated decades of their lives to the subject or they are part of today’s new generation with a fresh take on VR, researchers are still struggling to come up with a unified conception of presence....

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